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Please use this Fort Huachuca Information below to help you have a GREAT time during your stay.

While staying at Fort Huachuca, making the best of your time here is an easy thing to do. Who says its hard to have fun when you don't know the area. There is plenty to do, and its plenty easy to do it.

Fort Huachuca: What better place to start than the old fort itself, 15 miles north of the Mexico border, originally established in reaction to the Indian Wars, the fort has a rich history as is grand to explore.


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Fort Huachuca is an United States Army installation in Western Arizona, in Cochise County. The town is on Highway 90 near the southeast corner of the state approximately 15 miles north of the border with Mexico. You can get to Fort Huachuca from Tucson by taking Interstate 10 southeast. When you get to the town of Benson turn right and head south on Highway 90, which will take you to Fort Huachuca. If you are coming from Nogales, take Highway 82 northeast out of town. Then when you cross Highway 90 take a right and head south on Highway 90 to Fort Huachuca.

The base is bordered by Sierra Vista, located south and east of the base, and Huachuca City, located to the north and west. Its major tenant is the United States Army Intelligence Center. Libby Army Airfield is located on post and shares location with Sierra Vista Municipal Airport; it is on the list of alternate landing locations for the space shuttle, though it has never been used as such.

Fort Huachuca is also the headquarters of Army Military Affiliate Radio System. Other tenant agencies include the Joint Interoperability Test Command and the Electronic Proving Ground.

The fort is also home to a radar-equipped aerostat, one of a series maintained for the Drug Enforcement Agency by Lockheed Martin. The aerostat is based northeast of Garden Canyon and, when extended, supports the DEA drug interdiction mission by detecting low-flying aircraft attempting to penetrate the United States.

HISTORY: Fort Huachuca has personnel of more than 19,000 people. Fort Huachuca is located in Sierra Vista, Arizona nestled abreast the breathtaking Huachuca Mountains. Visitors to Fort Huachuca can look forward to unearthing the many mysteries Fort Huachuca hosts. At a minimum they can expect to find a time capsule full of both mystery and intrigue. History is an important part of Fort Huachuca and will remain as such.

Following the Gadsden Purchase, prospectors and ranchers began moving to the new southern portion of the Arizona Territory in increased numbers. The Chiricahua Apache, who had battled fiercely against the Spanish and Mexicans in the area, posed a threat to Americans in the area. The Army decided a new installation was needed to counter the Chiricahua threat and to help secure the border with Mexico. On March 3, 1877, Captain Samuel Marmaduke Whitside, accompanied by two Troops (Companies) of the 6th Cavalry, chose a site at the base of the Huachuca Mountains that offered sheltering hills and a perennial stream. After the surrender of Geronimo in 1886, the Apache threat was essentially extinguished, but Fort Huachuca was kept open because of its strategic border position. The base was home to the "Buffalo Soldiers" of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment for twenty years. It was used as a forward logistics and supply base during the Pancho Villa Expedition of 1916-1917.

Years into the new millennium Fort Huachuca remains an active and prominent military base throughout the southwest. In addition to hosting history in the making, Fort Huachuca offers a diversity of services and recreational opportunities to both the history buff and the nature enthusiast.

IN-PROCESSING: If you are new to Fort Huachuca the Main Gate Welcome Center will greet new arrivals and visitors. The center can provide temporary and permanent on-post vehicle registration and information on where to locate troop units, and general information about the installation along with a map to guide visitors to their destination.

REPORTING IN: Officers should sign the register at their assignment location. New enlisted soldiers report to the Battalion or Brigade S-1 of the unit to which they are assigned. Reservists’ regardless of rank, will report to the G-3 Reserve Support Office in Room B-18 of Building 31122 (Alchesay Barracks) for in-processing on the first duty day after arrival.

NEWCOMERS’ ORIENTATION: A monthly newcomers’ Orientation for soldiers, family members, and DA Civilians is held at Murr Community Center. The orientation includes a tour of the local area.Call Army Community Service at 533-2330 for information concerning date and time.

HOUSING: The Family Housing Office, located in Building 41415, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

The housing referral branch for off-post housing, also located in Building 41415, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during normal duty days. All arriving and departing military personnel are required to process through this branch.

Personnel arriving after duty hours, on weekends or on holidays should report to the Billeting Office, Building 43083, near the LakeSide Activities Centre, for temporary lodging. They should report to their assigned unit the following day.

ARIZONA VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Individuals who place a child in school, purchase property or are employed in Arizona are required to register their vehicles in Arizona. Although nonresident military personnel have the option to register their vehicles in their home state, they may also register their vehicles in Arizona. Soldiers who do so should obtain a nonresident affidavit, which is available at the Vehicle Registration Ofice, by presenting their latest Leave and Earnings Statement (DA Form 3686-1) and vehicle registration/bill of sale or contract for resident verification.

For vehicle registration, personnel must have proof of ownership, such as a title, if the vehicle has been registered in a title state; a manufacturer’s statement of origin if the vehicle was purchased outside the continental United States; or a notarized bill of sale. In addition to the proof of ownership, the previous registration, if any, must be presented. At the time of registration, a vehicle identification inspection is made. The old license plates will be surrendered upon request. The cost for vehicle resident registration in Arizona is computed from a factory list price, prorated to the year of first registration.

ARIZONA DRIVER’S LICENSE: The Sierra Vista Regional Service Center for the Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation is located at 5224 E. Charleston Road in Sierra Vista. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and closed on weekends and all legal holidays. Drivers who establish residency in the state are required to hold an Arizona driver’s license. Military family members who accept employment in the state must also obtain an Arizona driver’s license. The cost for a driver’s license for automobiles is based on your age: 16-39 = $25; 40-44 = $20; 45-49= $15 and 50 and over - $10. Those who surrender a valid out-of-state license need only take a written test and an eye examination. Those with an expired license of more than 12 months must take a Class B Driver’s Test and a Written Examination.

Services available Monday through Friday are Vehicle Inspections, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; CDL Road Test by appointments only; and Motorcycle Skills Test, Tuesdays 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The minimum age to apply for a learner’s permit is 15 years and seven months. Those applying for a driver’s license must be at least 16 years old. Minors must have proof of birth and parental signatures. Additional information can be obtained by calling the office at 459-3696.

ENTERTAINMENT & SERVICES: Regimental Mini-Mall includes a retail store, Box Office Video Rental, laundry, dry cleaners, barber shop, video rental, automatic teller machine, gasoline dispensers, Anthony’s Pizza and Popeye’s Chicken. Open seven days a week.

There is a military Thrift Shop for consumers to purchase used goods. The Post Exchange offers a variety of goods and services.

The PX Mall offers a wide range of services as well. Located in the PX Mall are the flower shop, GNC, The UPS Store, Southwest Gift Shop, Optical Shop and many other temporary concessions. The PX Food Court offers a wide variety of foods to include Anthony’s Pizza, Frank’s Franks, Robin Hood Deli and Baskin-Robbins.

National brand home furnishings along with juvenile furniture, lamps, rugs and major appliances are available in Building 52048, across the parking lot from the Main Post Exchange.

POST THEATER: Fort Huachuca’s post theater is located near the Main Post Exchange mall in Building 52026. Show times and movie schedules appear in the post newspaper, The Fort Huachuca Scout or you can call 533-2950 for more information.

OUTDOOR RECREATION: Outdoor recreation activities offer a wide array of fun that include hiking, horse back riding, paint ball ranges, sports and picnicking excursions.

19th HOLE CLUBHOUSE: Open to the public. Located at Mountain View Golf Course in Building 15479, it offers dining and entertainment. Call 533-7082 for more information. A great place to relax after duty calls.

APACHE FLATS RV RESORT: Apache Flats is a beautiful RV resort that rests at the base of the Huachuca Mountains and promises a grandiose experience for those travelers who expect the best accommodations available to trailer in tow. Call 533-1335 for more information.

BUFFALO CORRAL: No, buffalo do not roam here and in case you were wondering, they do not have wings either. This beautiful riding stable is among the rustic foothills of the Huachuca Mountains and offers horse riding and boarding opportunities for an affordable price. Call 533-5220 for more information.

DESERT LANES BOWLING CENTER: With 24 lanes to chose from, automated scoring, Rock-n-Bowl nights, pro shop, game room, barber shop and eating facilities bowling is at its best. Call 533-2849 for more information.

FORT HUACHUCA COMMUNITY SPOUSES’ CLUB: Open to spouses of all military ranks as a support system that provides fund raisers, volunteering, awards and scholarship opportunities to members. Call 378-1763 for more information.

GOLF COURSE: Mountain View Golf Course is located at the end of Wilcox Drive, just west of Buffalo Soldier Trail. There is an 18-hole course, a putting green and driving range. The Mountain View Pro Shop offers a wide variety of golfing equipment, accessories and clothing. Call 533-7088 for more information.

HUNTING AND FISHING: Hunting and fishing licenses may be obtained to take advantage of this sport. Call the Sportsman Center at 533-7085 for more information.

LAKESIDE ACTIVITY CENTRE: This center offers accommodations for every type of function. Please call 533- 2193 or 533-2195.

JEANNIE’S DINER: Quick & Tasty food from the 50’s & 60’s era is what you will find here at this hop stop. Call 533-5759 for more information.

MWR ARTS CENTER: This multi-purpose activity center provides facilities for programmed instruction. Classes and workshops are offered for a small fee.


Free tourist information, travel consultations, itinerary planning and discount tickets to Arizona and Southern California attractions. The MWR Box Office books hotels and motels at significant discounts.


For the outdoor enthusiast sporting goods and recreational equipment is available for your use. Please call 533-6707 for more information.

SPORTS AND ATHLETICS: Health and fitness is what you will find in Barnes Field House. A 25-meter, heated swimming pool, 7 combination handball and racquetball courts, a main gymnasium with two basket-ball and volleyball courts, a well-equipped fitness center and weight room, saunas in the men’s and women’s locker rooms and karate instruction are available. Call 533-4723 for more information.

SPORTSMAN CENTER: This sports center offers ranges for skeet trap, archery, sporting clays, air rifles, a paintball range and plinker range for the sportsman’s entertainment. Call 533-7085 for more information.

THUNDER MOUNTAIN ACTIVITY CENTER: TMAC offers a dining room, ballroom, meeting rooms and cocktail lounge and ATM for adult social activities. Call 533-3802 for more information.

This unofficial guide is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. (Contents of the Thunder Mountaineer are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of Army or U.S. Army Intelligence Center.) It is published annually by the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca.